Bartolo Colon Career Saved By Stem Cells

Steven Royolli | June 6, 2011 | 0 Comments More

The stem cell treatment news just won’t stop!

New York Yankees player Bartolo Colon who also is a Cy Young Winner saved his career by having stem cell treatments it has been revealed.

Colon took his off season time to have stem cell treatments applied to his arm that had damaged areas in it. The doctors used the technique of extracting stem cells from his bone marrow and engineering them so that they would be strong and numerous and then injected them into his arm.

Lo and behold he then came back after a year and half away from the game and is burning up the home plate like he used to. The Yankees’ stats are a testament to the success of the procedure as they’re kicking in a 3-3 record and a 3.26 ERA.

This success story is just what the adult stem cell industry needed. The ability to show how the treatment works via the use of a known athletic professional. The procedure is simple and as techniques improve, stem cell treatments for all sorts of illnesses may be applicable. Some doctors are still out on how effective these treatments are but so far they’ve been nothing short of miraculous.

The US is behind many other countries in stem cell research due to the confusion regarding ‘embryonic stem cells’ and ‘adult stem cells’.

Embryonic stem cells are gathered from a human embryo which has ethical implications and possible dangerous side effects. Adult Stem Cells are one’s own stem cells, usually gathered from bone marrow and are treated to do certain repair functions.

With the news of Colon’s historic adult stem cell treatment, the floodgates should open for all sorts of miracle cures and treatments.

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