Blackhawks Parade Chicago 2010 Details

Jerry Reth | June 10, 2010 | 4 Comments More

Blackhawks Parade Chicago 2010 Details – The parade for the Chicago Blackhawks will be held at 10:30 AM on Friday, June 11. According to a recent press release from the Office of Emergency Management and Communication, the parade and rally for the new Stanley Cup champions will run across the city. The parade will start at the intersection of Wacker Drive and Washington Stret, and will continue east through the city, followed by a turn north before heading back for the starting point at East Wacker Drive. The rally will take place between 11:00 and 11:30, and will be open for all to attend. The hope is the that it will end before 1 PM, but they are keeping the schedule fairly open to allow for overrun in the schedule.

“Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, stay out of the sun,” said Megan McDonald, the executive director for the Mayor’s Office of special events. “If you’re bringing small children down here, just keep in mind that we want people to be safe.”
The city appears to be handling the busy weekend in the wake of the victory very well. Often times these events will create a packed house, and will drive up revenue for local businesses. There will also be a couple of games taking place across town that may interest those who are attending the rally. The Chicago Cubs and Chicago Whitesox will be playing each other. The game is scheduled to start at 1:20 PM local time.
Thousands of fans who will be attending the rally will also be attending the baseball game as well, so keep in mind that traffic to and from the stadium that day will be unusually high, and nearby highways and freeways will probably be packed throughout the day.

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  1. Jessica says:

    This is terrible!! They shoulda made it over the weekend. People still have work and school! Not fair.

  2. phil says:

    get over it vag

  3. Dan says:


  4. frank says:

    get over it!! if u where a true fan u would ditch school, call in sick from work!!! TRUE FANS DONT MISS THIS KINDA SH*T