Bobby Johnson Vanderbilt Coach Retiring

Jerry Reth | July 15, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Bobby Johnson Vanderbilt Coach Retiring – Bobby Johnson retired Wednesday as Vanderbilt’s football coach. With less than two months until the season opener, the move is a shock to many of the players and fans that had fallen in love with Bobby Johnson. With no reports of turmoil between him and the front office, it seems strange that he would choose now to retire.
“I’ve decided to retire, not resign,” Johnson said. “I will not be coaching the Commodores in the 2010 season. It is a tough decision with which my wife Catherine and I struggle. This is a personal decision. It’s about what we want to do with our lives.”

He went 29-66 in eight seasons as the teams head coach. He coached them to the Music City Bowl, where the team won in 2008. He was supposed to be the driving force, pushing the team into a new era where winning becomes a reality.
“Believe me, there’s not a great time for a college football coach to retire,” Johnson said. “This is the way we worked it out. It was a hard decision when to do it and where to do it.”
The offensive line coach, Robbie Caldwell has been named the interim head coach until hey can find someone to fill the position. Team members reacted with surprise when they were questioned about their coach retiring.
“I tried to talk him out of it yesterday. I tried to talk him out of it last night. I tried to talk him out of it this morning. It is a personal decision. We at Vanderbilt wish that wasn’t his decision, but we respect his decision,” said one official.

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