David Beckham Money Woes? David Beckham Staff Getting Fired

Jerry Reth | August 20, 2010 | 0 Comments More

David Beckham Money Woes? David Beckham Staff Getting Fired – David Beckham has been warned about his spending habits. Victoria Beckham called in a finance export to help them get ahold of their finances because she feared that their high-spending lifestyle was inappropriate at a time when most ordinary people are being forced to cut back on their spending. Posh was then told that the couple had wasted hundreds of thousands a year on staff that they did not need at their homes in England, La, Dubai and France.

“This very no-nonsense accountant gave it to Vic straight and said, ‘You CAN afford to employ all of these people. But why the hell DO you,” a source close to the couple said.

The accountant then proposed huge cuts in the budget, and now it looks as though the couple will be cutting way back on the size of their staff. They were employing a total of 50 people across the world, and they were initially reluctant to get rid of the 14 people they have released so far.

Several key members of their staff had their roles changed, with their Chief Gardener now doubling up as a chauffeur whenever they call on him. Six of the seven gardeners have been laid off at their estate in Bargemon in the south of France, and the remaining gardener has received a promotion.
It is clear that even the richest couples are feeling the burn of the economic times and are cutting back on their expenses to ensure that they can stay ahead of the curve.

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