Italy Vs Slovakia:World Cup 2010 – Arrivederci Italia – Good Bye Squadra Azzurra

Jerry Reth | June 24, 2010 | 2 Comments More

Italy Vs Slovakia:World Cup 2010 – Arrivederci Italia – Good Bye Squadra Azzurra – As many experts had predicted, the struggling Italian team was eliminated today in their game against Slovakia. Slovakia was able to reach the Round of 16, by defeating their formerly high-powered opponents. Slovakia went into the game knowing that if they won, they would be moving ahead in the tournament. Italy also needed a win to earn them a spot in the next round. They also likely would have advanced had they been able to leave the game with a draw.

Both teams played very well throughout the game, and Slovakia was able to survive a late game rally by Italy, and hold them off for the win. The first goal of the match came in the 25th minute, when Marchetti was unable to save a shot on goal. The Italians looked as though they were playing out of rhythm throughout the match, and were unable to get their game together in time to make a legitimate run for the win.

Slovakia, on the other hand, almost let the game slip through their fingers toward the end of the match, but was able to regain their composure before time could expire.
Both teams failed to capitalize on numerous opportunities that were provided to them throughout the match. Italy missed several open shots on goal, and Slovakia had a problem with intercepted passes throughout the game. While the two teams could have certainly played much better, they fought through the last second and never let up, as both teams searched for victory in order to advance to the next round.

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  1. Mr. Slovak says:

    i think slovakia should have fu ing won man like wtf. netherlands suck di k forreal man they all look like some f king little kids running around n sh t fu king field faries

  2. Mr. Slovak says:

    got that slovak k ch on deck nig ga