Jack LaLanne Died

Zoe E. B. | January 24, 2011 | 0 Comments More

Jack LaLanne who spent his life preaching the values of exercise and eating right died in his California home at the age of 96 on Sunday.

LaLanne who rose to fame in 1959 eventually became a recognizable figure in what was considered the very first “fitness movement” at the time, encouraging people to work out in his trademark jumpsuit.

His immediate family said that he was loved by many and surrounded by those who cared about him until the day he passed away. LaLanne’s family added that he did not feel any pain when he died, slipping away peacefully while being surrounded by loved ones.

LaLanne who was a self-described “sugarholic”, quickly turned himself into one of the biggest names in fitness ever in order to help himself and others to get healthy once and for all.

His daughter said that he had remained active until just a few months prior to his death, appearing in a public TV special which he used to reach out to those who he said needed it the most.

His main goal which he always stated was to help people get in shape and he would do whatever it took to accomplish that.

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