John Arum Body Found:Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Son

Jerry Reth | September 5, 2010 | 0 Comments More

John Arum Body Found:Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Son – The body of boxing promoter Bob Arum’s son, John Arum, was found in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Initial reports have stated that it appears that John Arum fell over 300 feet to his death while hiking on a trail. He was an experienced mountain climber and had climbed much larger mountains previously. He was last seen at the 7,700 foot level of the 8,500 foot Storm King Mountain that he was climbing at the time.

Rescuers said that it was not possible to retrieve the body after it was found, but a helicopter confirmed that he was dead. The search first started last Monday after he had failed to return from a trip climbing the mountain. Family members said that he had set himself a goal to climb the top 100 highest peaks in the state, and he was nudging closer each weekend.

His body was found in an extremely steep area with a lot of loose rock. His backpack was found on Wednesday in a less risky part of the trail, giving searchers hope that he may still be alive. A search party of 20 people with trained search dogs went looking for him after the report was filed, along with helicopters equipped with heat seeking equipment.

A National Park Service employee was the first to spot the body and quickly relayed the message to the helicopters that got as close to him as they could to determine whether or not he was still alive. Park employees are currently working on a plan to send workers into the dangerous terrain to retrieve the body. Apparently, the area is far too dangerous to repel down.

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