LA Lakers vs Chicago Bulls: 98-91

Patrick Daniel | November 24, 2010 | 0 Comments More

LA Lakers vs Chicago Bulls: 98-91 – In Tuesday’s victory over the Bulls, Shannon Brown of the Lakers managed to score a total of 21 points with five three-pointers against the Bulls. Kobe Bryant was definitely a driving force in their fifth straight win, scoring a total of 20 points to bring the score up to 98-91 for the night. The Lakers had some trouble getting started, training at a 17-2 score before taking it back. Although Derrick Rose from the Bulls scored 30 points with a few daredevil drives, ultimately it wasn’t enough to keep the Lakers down for long.

Lamar Odom scored 21 points for the Lakers and Steve Blake as well as Brown combined their efforts to score another 10 points, giving the team the advantage they needed to win the game and their fifth consecutive victory. The Chicago bulls managed to get only one field goal as well as 10 points in the final minutes of the game. The Lakers improved their standing though with a few extra points and managed to topple the Bulls and gain the victory they needed to end it. Paul Gasol was among the best and brightest Lakers on the court, scoring just 12 points but playing with amazing heart.

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