Mason Holland: FL Basketball Player Attacks Referee

Steven Royolli | December 17, 2010 | 0 Comments More

Recently a high school basketball player name Mason Holland in Florida physically assaulted a referee, throwing him to the ground after a confrontation on one of the calls that he made. The assault occurred during a game where Port Charlotte was going up against DeSoto high school.

The superintendant of DeSoto’s high school which is where the student is from commented, saying that the whole situation is disappointing and that the proper discipline will definitely be carried out.

The superintendant also said that this is the first incident he has dealt with where a student attacked an official on or off the court.

The confrontation between the player from DeSoto and the referee can be seen on a video that is now on YouTube.Holland has officially been suspended from the school and could even possibly face criminal charges for assault, should the referee file charges against the student.

The Florida state attorney’s office has become involved, investigating the situation to see if they will be pressing charges against the student. It remains to be seen if Holland will be arrested for assaulting the referee.

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