Mikhail Prokhorov On Carmelo Anthony Deal

Steven Royolli | January 20, 2011 | 0 Comments More

Mikhail Prokhorov who is the owner of the Nets told his management team to completely stay away from the Carmelo Anthony deal which has been receiving so much press lately.

He officially told reporters that he wants his management to back down from the deal because it has taken too much time and is too much of a strain on the team. Prokhorov said that it was his financial decision and that he wouldn’t be changing his mind anytime soon.

There have been a lot of mellow-dramatics over the course of the season and it is most likely a bargaining tactic to get an even better deal. There are a lot of critics saying that the Nets made the right decision, whether or not it was a negotiation tactic.

Even though Denver believed that Prokhorov wanted Carmelo because he had long been coveting him it now looks like the millionaire has had a change of heart.

Unless Denver finds another team that is able to give them a better deal than the Nets did, they will be going back to New Jersey for the most recent package that was offered to them.

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