Mo Williams Twitter Reaction to Lebron James Decision

Jerry Reth | July 9, 2010 | 16 Comments More

Mo Williams Twitter Reaction to Lebron James Decision – When LeBron James announced that he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat, fans immediately turned to the internet to voice their disappointment, and in some cases, hatred, with his decision. James had drawn the process out, only to make the announcement during a televised one-hour special that was hosted by ESPN. All of the proceeds that were earned from the special went to the Boys and Girls Club of America.
Mo Williams, a former teammate of LeBron’s, was very open with his views on the choice. In fact, Williams appeared to go through the five stages of grief in his Tweets. First, he appeared to be in denial, saying that the situation was surreal, and then wondering out loud what the team’s next move was.

Next he was angry, stating: “The only thing, and I mean the only thing I disagree with is…. If he knew somewhere else was the destination. He should have spared cle.”
Then, he appeared to enter the bargaining phase, stating that he did not blame LeBron, and saying that he “loved him and always will.” He went on to thank him for his time and Cleveland, and said that he wished that James had been able to leave on better terms.
Then, Williams entered the Depression phase: “The person that I feel most sorry for is mike brown. He is a really good coach.” That Tweet was followed by one where Williams’ appeared to accept what had just happened, and said that he would be “embarking on the new journey in life.”

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  1. hbmatt says:

    The one time buckeye has fallen far from the tree. Seeing LBJ dis Cleveland was a dispicable act enabled by ESPN, who should be very ashamed of themself. Let’s hope that the $3.5 million LBJ earned after giving $2.5 million to the boys/girls club will make him smile when he is 80…I truly doubt it and he will regret airing the ‘Decision’ and using Chinese torture on the buckeye state.

  2. Kim mathenge says:

    I’m sorry mo i really am laker fan but thats not are or there.i don’t hate lebron hes called king for some reason mean while a guy named kobe how’s busting his @ss for 15 years lebron is a great player obviously but i wont turn my back on the lakers.

  3. Kris says:

    @Kim Mathenge
    Huh??????? You should edit before you hit submit. Seriously, I got a headache trying to make sense of your comment…
    Anywho, I feel for the fans in Cle, and his former team. True he has the right to go where he wants I honestly don’t care, but the way he announced it was laughable, and for ESPN to feed into his ego that way was hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is that ppl are already giving the 2011 Championship to Miami, it takes five to complete a starting lineup and 15 to complete a team, stop counting chickens before they hatch.

  4. angel says:

    Thanks Kris………..Yes I am from Cleveland, and I was shocked! I couldn’t believe LJ would diss us, his own like that! Yes, its his choice, but the way he did it was a slap in our face! I thought the of basketball was a competition thing, not team up with ball players to get a win! This was LJ town! This was his house! That showed me that he was not meant to be a leader! Yes 7years is a long time, but I think if he would have had the patience and under new coaching, he would have had a ring here in his home town! Just because he is in Miami now doesnt guarantee a ring! Those “3″ cant play the whole entire four quarters! Its cool though. Its just sad that he cant come home now because everyone hates him. He made a very unwise decision! But, I wish him the best! GO CAVS!!!

  5. William Overend says:

    Lebron has guaranteed he will never win another mvp award. It should be clear to everybody now that Kobe Bryant, who stuck with Lakers through thick and thin, bad years and good, building his own team, is far more valuable to his team, the nba, the entire game of basketball and the idea that there is any aspect of modern-day sports that still has a touch of class to it.

  6. Stacey says:

    I can’t believe the hate LBJ is getting for this. Bosh and Dwade made the same decisions (though, not aired on ESPN and a day earlier) and have received virtually no fallout. He warned the NBA 2 years ago that he’ll be getting to a point where he just wants to win and if the Cavs can’t (unfortunately) take him there he’ll be switching teams. I also don’t blame him or the other 2 for stacking a team. Bosh and LBJ at least want to win (and soon) and have both been part of teams unable to build around their talent.
    Personally, it would suck if I poured my heart and soul into a team for 7 years, decided to leave, and had the entire state hate my guts for the rest of eternity. Ohio, show some respect to your home town hero who stuck it out under crappy leadership and a lack of supporting cast for probably half of his glory years.

  7. 214goon says:

    Comin from a non-cavs or lebron fan, i must say the move didnt suprise me one bit. he made it clear that he wants to win at ANY COST, so it doesnt suprise me that he sold his soul to try to win a ring. lol i hope he does cuz if they cant win, it would all be for NOTHING!

  8. Gagan says:

    Lebron did not make the right decision cause this will affect his legacy. Even if he wins a championship in a couple of years, he will still be not considered as good as Kobe. At least Kobe helped his team get better. Go lakers and win at least 2 more championships.

  9. Fred says:

    I think that Lebron has tarnished his legacy. I feel that he started something in Cleveland and he didn’t finished it, but as a fan who are to say what his legacy maybe or what went on behind closed doors of the organization as a whole. He actually gave the franchise seven years and they still didn’t surround him with talent to be successful in the post season just the regular season when atheletes go thru the motions.

  10. Grant says:

    So much hatred in the room. Lebron gave Cleveland everything, he was Cleveland. It shows how selfish Cleveland as a city is and when things start turning back on them the true identity comes out for all to see. Think of all the local business that jumped on the back of Lebron with merch, food, drinks etc pre game and after game, the city was always a buzz…..These are the selfish people who loved when they were winning but now will find out how others are doing around the country. Well done Lebron on looking at achieveing your goal. You always act and speak with only respect, you understand who you are and what your success has brought you. You have only done what people have wanted sports players to do for 20 years, that is to take a cut in salary for success, the difference is you did it and people have turn on you, short memories. i hope Miami can put together a championship run this year and as i will now support them because my once love for Cleveland has disappeared as it is now evident who was holding this team together. He is the only one i have respect for.

  11. antonioayala says:

    Lebron & his followers forgot that basketball is play with only one ball at a time.They are going to fail because d game always balance itself at d end. Remember d FAB FIVE in Michigan,don’t be surprise when history repeat again & again. Not even in a pick up game in d ‘hood 3 guys that try to do that kind of garbage win. Why? Because their ego won’t let them be team players. Its good to have a go to guy and an option,but when u got 3,anyone of them are going to acept to be #3 at clutch time & there is when d ego start to play mind games & unplugging people of d system. In d NBA that all d games are dicided in d last second d Heats will need 3 balls & 3 options plays & that won’t work. Plus the other 2 players they have an ego too. I feel sorry for d Maimi fans. In 3 years they are going to wonder; What happenned hear? Where are d championship rings,trophies & d parades??? Meanwhile in L.A. Kobe & Phil are LOL,or LTAO. 4sure…

  12. tay says:

    ok bt do u remember wen kobe ask for a trade den he got gasol u dnt kno bball get yo facts rite

  13. Mr216 says:

    Lebron james is a quitter!!! He clearly quit on his teammates and the city that looked up to him!!! I’m from the heart of cleveland and were not mad because he left,but for a two time mvp he showed no class in his decision…. I watched the cavs before he was here and I will continue to support my team… I watched the games he quit, and there were at least 15 other people watching with me and we all said the same thing……..HE(lebrick) quit!!!! He was more than a basketball player in cleveland,he was a figure of hope for a city and a role model(I lost respect for him just based on how he carried out the hour long “decision”) he is not welcome in cleveland!!!!!! And for people to say he had no supporting cast is non-sense!!!! He had a team but wanted to control everything,how can we see the true talents of month,gibson,etc if he demands the ball and dribbles out the clock!!!! True cleveland cavs fans will support our team!!! AND DECEMBER 2nd(heat vs cavs) will be a day that won’t be forgotten!!!!

  14. kam says:

    ok really…it amazes me that people really think he couldnt have won with the Cavs..he is the one of gave up on the team that no doubt couldve and shouldve won with the Cavs..does no remember Games 5 of just last year playing Boston in the playoffs??? No huh..or that knowing he was leaving allowed Mike Brown to leave when he didnt need to even Mo said it Mike is a good coach…Lebron got everything from us Cleveland fans and the franchise he was part of and he spit on his fans hardcore but even worse his team he supposely called family..if you dont tell anyone else at least give them the heads a man about it..i see theres people who do agree with me and thats great and for those who disagree your intitled but douches bag before you disagree know what your trying to say…like Grant your an idiot, he wasnt Cleveland and respect hahahaha did you watch the lame ass “decision” douche bag move from start to finish…he knew for years he was thinking of leaving if he couldnt get his little baby way and he plays it out like he did..Nope sorry wherever he wouldve left from like that wouldve created the same reaction..Seems like only Clevelanders and his true teammates only can feel the real betrayal from all this.

  15. kam says:

    i was just reading my post and sorry for the typos my computer is really messed up.

  16. Ralph says:

    Lebron is not a piece of meat owned by Ohio. Watch all the games, there was no talent, just Lebron. They were just waiting for magic to happen with Lebron, I’m not from Cleveland but I sure was a Cavs fan until 2008, you could really see that only Mo Williams gave his best with Lebron, others didn’t, not even Shaq when he was last year. Best thing was Lebron leaving, now the Cavs will start over, they can all show their best and maybe in 4 or 5 years they can make it to the conference semi-finals.