NFL Lockout On Again

Patrick Daniel | April 30, 2011 | 0 Comments More

Get ready for some NO football as the NFL lockout is going to continue thanks to a temporary stay on an injunction to get the games back in action.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the NFL’s request for the temporary stay.

The owners had lost a battle to lockout the players but a court decision removed that. Now the owners get an injunction to hold off that lift of their ban.

It’s like tennis with a football.

The parties are due in court this coming week to determine where to go next.

The frustration however is affecting fans and there looks like there’s going to be situation with fans going to other venues even though the NFL draft pics have been going on.

This coming week will either see the NFL back in action or another hold by the owners. If the owners win they may see a decline in viewership and support that could be a backlash that sends them spiraling.

The NFL not only makes money for the players and owners but also for the satellite groups involved like merchants, travel, networks, advertisers and more. The longer it takes for things to get resolved the worse the problem deepens.

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