Outback Bowl 2011: Penn State Beaten By Florida

John Fraper | January 2, 2011 | 0 Comments More

There is no doubt that Penn State was taken aback by the last-minute mistake that ultimately cost them the Outback Bowl which they were hoping to win.

The 80 yard touchdown was definitely the clincher for the Gators who celebrated when everything was said and done at the end of the game, crowding together on the field to take in the moment together so they could share in it as all of the Penn State players were scattered all over the field.

The Nittany Lions were all over the place, similar to how they have been all season long; however the defensive effort that they made was definitely impressive and a sight to see.

It was an embarrassing game for Matt McGloin though, perhaps the worst of his entire career; he threw a total of 41 passes and 174 throws across four picks in the game.

McGloin admitted that the outcome of the game was at least in part his fault, due to the less-than-adequate playing the sophomore displayed over the course of the game.

Joe Paterno who is the coach for Penn State expressed his disappointment that the Gators were able to get the upper hand and score the winning touchdown that they needed to take the lead and overcome their opponents.

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